Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Yikes!  Does that make me the worst blogger in history?  

Well, Bill finally headed back to work after his murder trial...  Okay, not Bill's murder trial, but he was has been on a jury for the past 2 months.  He didn't like being away from work, but loved the experience of being jury foreman.  When he finally returned to "The Rock", all of his hard work before the hiatus won him an award-Yeah!  Okay enough bragging about him (good thing he doesn't read this blog).  I have been knocked out with a pretty bad case of bronchitus for the past week (note the time stamp on this blog as really early, THE CHILDREN ARE STILL SLEEPING).  Justin has been a life saver!  He has come over everyday to help with the kids with reckless abandon to his own germ free zone- what a guy!

            Now on to the news people actually care about- The kids!  See, I put the news about Bill and I at the beginning of the blog because I knew most of you would scroll past it in search for pics- HA!  Andrew and Annabelle are quickly approaching their 2nd birthdays.  I can't believe it- "the babies" are officially inhabitants of the terrible twos.  It really isn't so terrible...  Andrew is learning how to better communicate as we put a lot of his favorite things out of reach so he would have to ask for them.  This is really helping with his language development!  Annabelle is becoming more independent as we are requiring she do more for herself.  She really is an Ethiopian Princess, she is still realizing that transfers to ZIP here in the states.  Annabelle would rather ask oh so sweetly, "Mommy, snack please?"  Andrew would just rather go get his own snack.  I just chalked this up to their own different personalities, which is true...  But life often dictates both types of behaviors, so the "twos" is providing some great life lessons (for mommy and daddy too).  Here are some pics of the "two twos" in their Valentine's outfits.  I promise not to make it another month between posts!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's February Already!