Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Zoo

Okay... Not exciting by any means- but we go to the Zoo A LOT!!! I mean A LOT!!! We have a membership so we try to go once a week. These pics are from our trip with our friend Olivia. We also have pics from our trip to the Zoo with grandpa and daddy, but most of the pics were of the animals (nice work daddy). So if you have a burning desire to see a pic of a tiger or lion, leave me a comment and I will post one! Otherwise- here are the kids at the zoo!

The one good (see picture of the kids) pic we have from the zoo with daddy and grandpa

Annabelle and Olivia sharing some love

Andrew loves him some goats!!!

Mom, I am soooo over your new camera!!!

My sweet boy posing for a picture

The kids checking out the tiger

Annabelle and Olivia BFF

So you will be seeing a lot more pictures now that Mimi and UB gave me a camera for Christmas!! Yeah!!! Here's to a new year and LOTS of new pictures!! That reminds me... Christmas pictures to come!