Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Monday, March 9, 2009

Two Babies Turn Three!

I know- it's hard to believe.  And in the interest of fairness, Andrew's b-day was yesterday and I wanted to do a special blog just for him.  But then Annabelle's special day is coming tomorrow she would need a special one as well and if you follow my blogging history you know I am not very consistant.  One blog could last for 2 days (Andrew's b-day) and others are the only blog for a month (Annabelle's b-day).  This created a problem of Annabelle looking like the favorite just because I am a slacker.  So here is one blog devoted to both of my sweet babies.  Andrew's entry is first because his birthday is first not because he's the favorite (do you for see many years of this back and forth??).  Mother of Multiples Batman!

Andrew turns three... 

Andrew is still the strong silent type in every way.  He loves "Cars", Sesame Street, his dog Tank, playing at the park (especially climbing the rock wall), playing basketball, watching football, running, hiding, jumping on a trampoline and eating all kinds of foods.  He will try anything once.  His new fav is hummus- go figure!  He has such a tender heart.  He can't stand it when his sister is in time out and is equally distraught when he gets placed there as well.  He willingly apologizes when he wrongs others and loves to hug and kiss.  He loves it when daddy comes home from work, which results in minutes long bear hugs around the neck.  He loves to dance to all kinds of music.  He can play the french horn with Grandpa's instruction.  He can take almost anything apart.  He has a smile that will melt your heart.  Someday (when he's 30) he will drive the ladies wild.  He stole my heart the first time I held him in my arms and right then and there I thought I could never love him more.  I was wrong.  I love him more and more each day.  Happy third birthday Bubby!

Annabelle turns three...

Annabelle loves pink, sparkles and anything remotely involving princesses- Disney or otherwise.  She has a very long attention span which has allowed her to enjoy cooking with me.  She loves to chat with her friends on the phone, sing, dance and play with dolls, use her imagination, have her toenails painted (pink and sparkly if you please), tell her adoption story, make plans for the future and snuggle on the couch.  Gross motor skills are not her strong suite, so she is very cautious when trying new things.  She loves all things chocolate and cannot wait to grow up and "go to college in Kenya".  She is very inquisitive and loves to be the center of attention.  She is a wonderful helper and just wants everyone to get along!   She says the most precious things.  Right now my favorite is, "Mommy do you know I love you with all of my heart?"  She is sensitive enough to know just want I need to hear to remind me of what is important.  I never get tired of hearing her sweet little voice.  I fell in love with Annabelle the moment I saw her picture over e-mail.  I knew those beautiful eyes and that pouty little smile were meant to be in our family.  I could have never imagined how perfectly she would fit into my heart.  I love her more with each passing day.  Happy third birthday baby girl!

There are two other people I cannot go through the "birthday season" without thinking of.  My sweet babies birthmoms.  It is still impossible for me to believe the enormous blessings being heaped upon us everyday by these sweet children.   Thank you for giving your children the gift of life and giving us the gift of family.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our camera is broken!

The lens can just won't open- I CANNOT IMAGINE HOW THIS HAPPENED!!!  You read my earlier posts about our budding photographer Andrew right?  So needless to say I do not have pics, but today was a little funny so I thought I would share the story...

I came out from cleaning the bathroom (never would have done this even 6 months ago, but I am able to do more and more the older they get.  Time for another one huh?) and it was a little too quiet.  I walk into the family room to see Andrew sitting on the floor, legs stretched in front of him with NO JOKE at least 38 pumps of Cetafil lotion all over his arms legs an yes, MOUTH.  Not like he was putting it on his face and he accidentally got some on his mouth.  Like he was licking it off his extremities and some got on his face instead of in his mouth.  We used some of the leftover lotion on Mommy, sister and the rest of Andrew's body and then took a towel to the rest.  Today we took really good care of his skin- so soft and shiny!!!
Later in the day, Annabelle had a huge fit for seemingly no reason.  During said fit- she lost all bladder control and peed.  Not super funny for mommy who had to clean it up, but the funny part was overhearing Annabelle "retell" what happened to Aunt Shari that made it funny.   "My shorts made a bad choice and pee peed".  So Annabelle didn't make the bad choice, it was her shorts- just to be clear!