Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Referralversay!

Okay, you are probably thinking...  "Really Molly?  You will think of any excuse for a celebration!"  Why yes I will:)  I have the added benefit of keeping a journal of everything that happened while we waited for Andrew and Annabelle (Benjamin too), so it's not like my memory is that great.  I just have it all written down!

Six years ago today we got a phone call telling us that after 5 years of trying and waiting, we were going to be a family.  Of course I hysterically bawled my eyes out with my two teammates in the car on the way to Someburros.  I then cried hysterically telling everyone on the planet the good news.  When I tried to call Bill, he was UNREACHABLE!!!  He was not at his desk or answering his cellphone.  So I called the "emergency line" at work.  A good friend of ours answered so he understood the EMERGENCY in the situation.  He literally RAN around the building to find Bill.  Bill was just as excited (minus the tears and yelling)!  So we celebrate this day every year as the day God gave us Andrew and Annabelle!

Here are the pictures we received that day:

Bill thought Andrew was missing an arm and was convinced he would play soccer:)  We should have know what a busy guy he was going to be!

Everyone kept telling us her lips were so beautiful.  I knew in my heart, while yes she was the most beautiful baby girl...  She was going to be a spicy meatball:)