Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today would have been my dad's 61st birthday. Hard to believe it is our 2nd one without him. It has been a sad (of course), overwhelming (naturally), busy (purposefully) and sad day. Did I mention sad twice? My mom broke her foot recently and so I got to help with the preparations for the big dinner we held in his honor today. I also got to clean after the party- but it was nice to keep my mind off of what we were actually gathered for. We had a big dinner with our family at mom and dad's (I still call it that even though he has made his home somewhere else for almost 2 years). My mom and I put together picture frames with my dad's name in it, and the meaning of his name: "Jerry- a holy man, having great strength". If you knew my dad, you know how amazing the parallel is from his name to his life. Andrew and Annabelle spent the night with Mimi tonight. And the first time I really truly cried tonight was on the way home. I was weepy all day (thank you to all of my girls calling to check on me), but on the way home, I lost it. I think I feel so sad knowing so much time is passing without our sweet Pappy. Pappy, we miss your sweet smiles and big hugs, your corny sense of humor and your bright twinkling eyes. We miss the way you loved us and never let us forget. We are so thankful for the assurance that we will experience all of those things again some day. We love you Pappy, today and everyday and we miss you fiercely. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Fun Part 3

Maybe this post should be called "you know it's time for Andrew to go back to school when..."
Andrew was getting restless before school resumed and to prove it he went right into "Captain Destructor Mode", making messes and generally wreaking havoc all over our house! Here are a few pics of what happened. By the way, the undocumented messes took place on other days and I did not have the energy to snap pics about them. But they do deserve honorable mention:
Epmtying an entire super size bottle of spray sunscreen on Buzz and Woody, who were laying on our mattress while I was washing the sheets.
Spraying an entire can of shaving cream onto the counter and wall of the master bath while I was in the bathroom (talking on the phone, its' the only place I can get privacy) I was told by an "ex-friend" that maybe he was getting into trouble because of the "quality of care I was providing". Andi- you are going to eat those words before you know it friend!
Dumping 5 lbs of sugar from the jar onto the floor while I was doing Annabelle's hair (wow- that was awesome to clean up)
Successfully cracking (and not getting the shells in) 1 dozen eggs into the sink while I was in the shower (a different time than you will see pictured)
The mother of all messes- as pictured

This is our fridge, with a barstool pulled up to it, the black stuff is chocolate syrup (you will see that in other pics as well) and the white stuff is flour (other pics too)

This is the other side of the fridge and part of the breakfast "nook"-notice the empty carton of eggs?

Here is where the eggs went... And that gross looking congieled stuff? An entire container (100) fish oil caplets

More nook

By our stove

Now the mess was sort of contained to the kitchen, but as you can see in this shot, flour footprints all over the house

Don't be fooled by the toys lying around- they are obviously not nearly as fun as the other stuff Andrew chose to play with!!

Here are his little chocolate footprints as he made his way to the garage to inflict more damage

Here are his grubby little paw prints on the doorknob. Thankfully, this is where I caught him.

Next step? Throw him in the shower with a loofa and try to clean up the mess. When he got out of the shower and got himself dressed he cam into the kitchen and said, "Oooh Mommy, look at that big mess, I get you a towel?"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Fun Part 2 (Sort of)

These are my two maniacs at bedtime... There is nothing really "summery" about it except it's light out as I try to get Andrew to bed.

Who is putting who to sleep?

Notice even Tank is in on the action!

"Mommy, I promise I will be sooooo good if you let me watch a movie in bed tonight"

"HA! Just kidding!!! Maybe this is why you don't let me watch movies in my room!!"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Fun Part 1

took a "few" pics of the kids this summer so I will start posting them now. If you don't live in AZ, or Chandler in particular you may not know that "fall" has already arrived. That is why I am speaking about summer in the past tense! So although it is just as hot as it was in June, any pics taken after the first day of school (July 26) are considered "fall related". I know a little weird huh? So here are a few summer pics!

Andrew in the book nook

Andrew rockin the Hannan Montana guitar

"Are you looking at my sister? You better not be!"

"That's What I thought!"

A little love in the water table, yes, I know water tables are for playing "at" not in...

Annabelle thinks it's a little too much love in the water table!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is a post I should have done 2 months ago when it happened. But I forgot about it until now! Last week when it was pouring our "garden" (see non landscaped dirt patch) got flooded. Andrew took one look and said, "Hey guys- I got a great idea! I going to get my swimsuit!". I though that's odd... We don't swim in the mud- WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!! Sometimes we do. Here is what gave him his inspiration:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2 years in the making

We started an adoption journal 2 years ago. We had no idea when and how God whould add to our family (we still don't), but I knew I wanted to chronicle the journey. When I worked for Building Arizona Families (the adoption agency we used to bring Andrew and Annabelle home), I counceled lots of familes to write down thier journey. I did this with Andrew and Annabelle and wow-what a gift!!! It's so cool to look back and see God's fathfulness. When I started the journal, I was so excited....It was a step in the right direction at least!!! As months turned into years and all I was journaling was about how we were still praying for the baby and we knew God had all the plans in the works and we just were't aware of them yet. I was getting really discouraged. Last week I asked "my girls" (we meet on Tuesday nights to pray and encourage one another) to start praying for a miracle. I was no longer anxious to bring home another child, but aching. Bill is on board with adopting again too, but thanks to his job in accounting (and our lack of home equity), all he sees is dollar signs.
Our most recent conversation went like this:
M: SO you are sure you want to adopt again right?
B: Of course, I have always been sure, but where is the money going to come from>
M: If this is God's plan for our family, he will make it happen!
B: Molly, be realistic, we cannot expect God to drop $20,000 from the sky?
M: Is that what is would take for you to really have peace about this?
B: Yes (picture Bill rolling his eyes), God would need to drop 20 grand from the sky!

So I asked the girls to pray that God would drop the money for the next adoption out of the sky. AND HE DID!!! Well, not the entire ammount, but over a thousand dollars came from a VERY unlikely source. In addition, Building Arizona Families also offered me a job doing home studies (I worked for them before, but this is perfect timing). All of that to say, God has provided a way for us to start our next home study! AAAHHH!!!!! So pretty soon we will be adding another section to our blog with strictly adoption type news (I know adding a new job will totally allow me more time for blogging right). Of course we will keep you posted-thank you for entering into this new amazing journey with us!!
Team Sanborn + 1 (or maybe 2)