Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Andrew turned 8 today...  I know!  8!!!  I always get a little weepy on all my kiddos birthdays when I think about their birth moms.  Even though we never met Andrew's birth mom, I know she knows when he was born.  You don't forget that, even when you don't get to see that baby every day, or parent him.  She knows.  I feel sad for the loss she has had to endure not seeing this handsome, sweet, funny guy grow up.  We are so blessed to be his parents!
Andrew has had a tough few months.  The move has been really hard on him, harder than we could have imagined.  He had a rough patch at school, which is why we are home schooling now.  We have recently found out that in addition to his processing delay, he is most likely dyslexic as well.  So we have all been adjusting to all of this in our own way.  Andrew adjusts to new things with a lot of frustration and tears.  Knowing this, we wanted his birthday to be special.  He was basically King for a Day:).  Not a lot of presents, but he got to have everything his way.  The. Whole. Day.  He loved it!  Here are some pictures of His Royal Highness on his special day:

This is what he woke up to.  No fancy balloons or confetti (Bill would have killed me), but I wish I could have captured the look on his face when I told him that was where he was sitting.

Waiting for birthday pancakes

Reading the card I made him, because I was crying and couldn't read it myself.

Annabelle reading him the card she made

Benjamin's card

Due to Daddy's lack of handwriting skills, several attempts were made to read what he wrote:)

Ready to "Do Work!"

Goofy grin the whole time we were singing to him

Making his birthday wish

If you now me, you know I LOVE to bake.  My child picked Target cupcakes for his birthday treat.  TARGET. CUPCAKES.  I blame his father.

He got to pick one thing at the Lego Store.  He wanted to go with dad all by himself, so I don't have any pics of the process of choosing said Legos.

At Denny's- Again, his choice

He ate a Jr. Grand Slam (pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon),  3 pancakes,  an egg over medium, half a ham steak and a piece of  French toast.  So of course he was hungry for an Oreo shake. 

Late Night Lego Sesh

Andrew we are so proud of how hard you have worked this year.  You are learning so much and teaching us so much.  We are thankful everyday for you.  We stand in awe of our God who created you and saw fit to make us your parents.  Can't wait to see what The Lord has in store for you in the next year.  We love you Bubby!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A look back...

So we have been in Utah, waiting for the winter.  And we are still waiting...  Honestly, I think this winter was God's gift to this AZ girl.  The average temp in Utah in January is 27.  This January it was 40...  See what I mean?  Not bad at all!  We kicked off the snow season in November.  Here are a few pics from then.

All Snow Momma's can relate to this one right?  it's not even snowing yet, but we got some new gear!  GET! IT! ON!

Andrew ate snow everyday for the first week, then the novelty wore off.  Not for Benjamin.  He eats snow every time we see any.  Literally every time.

Even Bill was excited about the first snowfall!

Benjamin's first snow angel!

Ready for sledding!

Is there anything more precious than snow on eyelashes?