Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The month of October...

Okay, I know, a little out of order with Halloween post and pics coming before the rest of October...  We had a playdate with some friends from CA.  Adorable Trevor and his sweet sister Bethany!  Trevor is Ethiopian, and Andrew and Annabelle knew it the moment they laid eyes on him!  They couldn't stop hugging and kissing him.  He is Annabelle's first Ethiopian suiter!  After he left Annabelle couldn't stop talking about getting a brother from"Awassa Opia" and Andrew kept looking out the window saying "baby, ah!"  We had such fun and I loved talking with their mommy Erin- we miss them!  We also went to the beach in October- a bittersweet trip because we planned it to be the last trip to the beach with our Pappy.  Obviously, he wasn't with us, but we know our precious Pappy was smiling down us. Growing up in CA, the beach was his favorite place and we were so sad he never saw our sweet babies there.  Pappy loved to stand in the water about waist deep and let the waves hit him.  Andrew did the same thing- cool huh??!!  October was so busy, and now November is almost over!  Will post more soon!

Bethany was at the ER for stitches in her cheek, can you tell she wasn't feeling so well?

Annabelle's Future Husband

All 3 Ethiopians!

Andrew at the beach building sand castles
Annabelle relaxing, finally enjoying the beach and  getting dirty
Playing in the water
I think I am sweating, I HATE the beach!!!!  Sunscreen dries out my skin!!
All four of us in the water!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Annabelle the Ballerina
Andrew as Pluto
Both sweet babies ready for the party!
Well, our 3rd Halloween was a bust!  No actual trick or treating (Annabelle was a little scared of the costumes), but we did go to two parties (on consecutive weekends).  The kids had a ton of fun showing off their costumes.  I will say having 3 Halloweens in a row where all I did was dress the kids up (year 1 cows, year 2 a goldfish and a shark) and parade them around in front of my family made me rethink our holiday traditions just a bit.  Any ideas for Halloween next year?  Dinner and  movie?  But the kids did look cute in their costumes so here are a few pics!