Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Well here it is!!  The first day of kindergarten (sniff sniff)!  Well, to those of you who know me it goes more like:  The first day of kindergarten (sob sob)!  The kids had a lot of fun, after a rocky start, the pictures can tell the story! We are so proud of our "babies" and cannot believe the time has flown by so quickly!  Enjoy!

This is how you make lunches!

Ready to go!

Last year we had the same pic of the "double school supplies".  This is for all my teacher friends out there so they can rest assured I am not a slacker mom (as far as school supplies are concerned).  BTW- Target has killer deals on Crayola!

Nice mug shots right?

Here they are ready for the first day!  They both had PE on the first day, so they have on what I refer to as "Sporty Spice" clothes.  Annabelle was a little upset she couldn't wear anything fancy...  Rest assured she did on day 2!

 Again with the mug shots...

They were laughing at the black blur at the bottom of the pic, our dog Tank

Daddy praying with them before school

Grandpa was part of our posse on the way to school

Benjamin is soooooo over this!!!

More or our fan club...  Mimi
Not pictured Bill, Molly and Aunt Frankie

The three amigos at school

Now is when the morning starts to go arye...  They both got really nervous which means Annabelle got really quiet and looked super snotty and Andrew got really loud and obnoxious.

Both kids had these color sheets on their desks

This was the first thing on Andrew's desk, and cue tears....  That's right, I didn't even open it and I started crying!  The inside (I read 3 hours later and still cried) was about how the teacher knows we love our kiddos and she will love them too, and take good care of them while they are in school.  And cue more tears...

This is right before we attempted to leave and Andrew screamed- "I am not staying here by myself!"  Cue UGLY CRYING!

This is Bill swooping in to the rescue.  After Andrew screamed and started crying,  I had to vacate the classroom because of the ugly crying and then I had to take Annabelle to her classroom.  So Bill stayed with Andrew until he felt comfortable (so her said, he may have been lying to make me feel better.  Either way, thanks Babe)

This Annabelle refusing to smile and or color because she was so nervous.  This is my outgoing social butterfly who had been introducing herself to people since she was 11 months old, NEVER unsure in ANY social situation.  And cue the ugly crying again!!!  BTW- she told me I was never allowed to do her hair like this again because it was too "baby" WHAT THE HECK???!!

A big shout out to my "Tissues and Tea" Support Group:
Aunt Frankie
Nana (Gigi)
Aunt Shari
Aunt Brenda
I wouldn't have made it through this day without you!
Only 179 more to go.....

Friday, July 1, 2011

Who's keeping score?

Dear Target Shoppers,
Please excuse the screaming.  Yes, I manhandled my 5 year old (looks like 8 year old) into the cart.  Sorry.  I did this because he was yelling at me.  Sorry.  Yeah, you probably heard that part but didn't see it as I was trying to hide in a "time out" corner. Then, when you thought the ruckus was over, he slapped me and I put him back in time out which of course inspired more screaming.  Sorry.  When the screaming calmed down and I asked him to leave with us, more screaming.  Sorry.  I took it upon myself to go ahead and check out with only the items in my cart, to rid you of the screaming faster.  As we tried to exit Target, the screaming only intensified.  Sorry. Said 5 year old (no really, he's only 5) saw we were passing the snack spot and was not going to be getting any popcorn because of his behavior.  Sorry.  No- I'm not sorry.  I have 3 kids under 5 and sometimes regardless of your dirty looks and head shakes, I have to discipline my child(ren) in a public place.  This time (and lots of other times I guess) it was Target.  AND I WAS NOT GOING TO HAND OVER A REWARD TO A MANIAC JUST SO YOU WOULD STOP STARING AT ME!!!  And by the way Target Shoppers, there is a good chance this will happen again. Taking into consideration that I have 3 kids (and we frequent that particular Target).  Sorry. 
In case you were wondering:
Mom- 1