Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Show and Tell

Wednesday was Annabelle's "Show and Tell Day", FINALLY.  Andrew's teacher has each kid bring show and tell every month, and Annabelle has been WAITING. ALL. YEAR. for her turn!  She wanted to take Benjamin as her "most prized posession".  Here is how it went down:

Annabelle:  I chose to bring my baby for show and tell.  His name is Benjamin and I had to get special permission from Mrs. Andersen because he is ALIVE (surely her teacher meant to ask permission if you wanted to bring in a pet, but she is right, Benjamin is alive).

Me: Do you want to tell them anything about Benjamin?  What he likes or doesn't like?

Annabelle: Well, he drools a lot, he likes to chew on things, he has an afro, and one time when my mom was changing him he peed on her.

Insert hysterical laughter from the entire class.  If you know any 5 year olds you know why this was so funny.  Apon seeing how she was the LIVING. END. because of the pee comment, she had to insert another zinger.

Annabelle: And at night, he sleeps with his booty in the air.

More hysterical laughter.  Again, all 5 year olds think the mention of the "behind" is hysterical.

Me: Anything else Annabelle? 

Annabelle:  Yes, let's show the class how he can walk

I put Benjamin on the floor and he refuses to walk, but crawls right up to some little boy we DO NOT KNOW and kisses him right on the mouth.

Of course more laughter!

Benjamin, and by extension Annabelle, was famous by lunch time.  The whole playground had heard about the "stand-up comedian and her side kick in room 17".  Andrew asked if he could bring Benjamin for show and tell next time.  Stay tuned...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Early Risers

Andrew is my early riser.  Period.  He usually goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes around 5:30 or 6.  We have tried pushing back his bedtime, and he only gets up at the same time, but SUPER CRABBY!!!!!!  So we are working on ways to manage his early tendencies:)  This week however, he went to bed every night at 7:30, a few nights he was asleep by 7:15 and he was sleeping until 7:30, twice until 8 am.  I hated waking him up to go to school!  I was hoping we were entering a new phase, the "Mommy gets to sleep past six" phase.  Wishful thinking.  This morning at 7 am all was quiet when I got up, but all of the lights in the house were on.  A sure sign Andrew has been up for a while.  But his door was closed and the lights in his room were off.  A sure sign he is in the front yard riding his bike...  So I opened his door and flipped on the light and found this.

Here are my boys!  Andrew got Benjamin out of his crib (a stern talking to came later) and brought him into bed to help him go back to sleep.  This is the reason all the lights were off.  Do you see the smile on that kid's face??!!  Seriously in love with this idea!!

Brotherly love!!  And wrestling, isn't that the same!!!???

You may be wondering why Benjamin isn't wearing pants.  I was wondering the same thing!!  When I asked Andrew where Benjamin's pants were he said, "they are in my dirty clothes momma, they had pee pee on them."  I am hoping he wasn't so wet because of the juice box in the background....
I always think God has at least one more child in store for us...  I often hope it's a girl, I love the hair bows and the tutu's, and I secretly love the sassy:)  But today, I cried as I realized His perfect plan for our lives included brothers and best friends who are both early risers.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Okay, so blogging isn't my forte these days...

But I am going to change that!  I will have to back up just a little to get in all the amazing things that have happened since September...  Ew, I know, last blog was September!!!!  Here are a few pics to catch you up:)

I made my own baby food.... Turned out great, but I made so much (remember it is my first time with only one baby), that  Benjamin was on to bigger and better things by the time he finished this batch and I didn't need to make any more.

Sorry about the orientation!!!!  An entire college football season came and went, and our Irish didn't do too bad!  Looking forward to next year!!!  Go Irish!!!

Benjamin has graduated to doing chores, his favorite is "helping" with the dishes, but here he is doing laundry.

We have forward motion!!!!!

Andrew and Annabelle were in a "Nursery Rhyme Parade" at school.  They were adorable as Jack and Jill!

Halloween!!!!!!!  Spidey and Jasmine say hello!

And so does "Snuggle Puppy"

Biggest day of 2011, Benjamin Jer becomes a Sanborn!  Read more about this here

We lost teeth, OH SO MANY TEETH!!!!!  Annabelle has lost 2.  Andrew has lost 5, well, knocked out 3 and lost 2 if you want to get technical!

We are exclusively on solid food now (in addition to formula, no more baby food), and DO NOT GET BETWEEN BENJAMIN AND HIS FOOD!!!!  As you can tell by the face he is making in this picture!

More pictures to come!