Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Monday, June 9, 2008

Story Time Anyone?

So we started potty training today- What an adventure!  Annabelle peed on the kitchen counter, on the floor, in 2 pairs of princess panties and finally in the potty chair (3 times).  Andrew peed on our bedroom floor, and then on the big potty (twice).  He did however poop in Annabelle's closet and used his "silky" or blanket to wipe himself.  I should be glad he is wiping- right?  And all of this was before 10am!  Wow- what a day you say?  I'm not done...  We were homebound all day getting the hang of the potty thing so we went to story time at the Library tonight (wearing diapers by the way).  The kids loved story time at the Library last week.  Tonight, the minute we sat down, Andrew started running around the room screaming, an excited scream, but a scream none the less.  Literally running in circles screaming.  As I looked around the Library I noticed Andrew was the only boy and I was the only on there with two kids.  So you guessed it, everyone else at story time had only one girl each.  Can you imagine the comments on their blogs tonight?  And by the way, each little princess had 2 parents and I was (sigh) ALONE!!!  Annabelle was sitting quietly listening to the story hoping no one linked her to the maniac in the white t-shirt.  I removed Andrew from story time and we watched through the window.  At craft time, I went in to get Annabelle and I turned my back for .32 seconds and Andrew was eating a glue stick.  We promptly left story time.  As we left, I shouted out, "Bye Miss Jenn, see you on Wednesday!".  Ten Bucks says she quits.  The good times kept rolling as we got home and there were only 11 minutes until bedtime.  Any sane mother would have put her kids straight to bed, but not me!  I wanted to have some time with Andrew since he seemed so "out of sorts".  Our quality time consisted of him eating a crayon, spitting the bits on to the couch and being ordered to time out.  When his 2 minutes were up I went to go give him a hug and talk with him and noticed he had not spit out all of the crayon onto the couch.  Oh no- he had squireled away a few small bits, just enough to scribble on the time out wall.  

Oh well- tomorrow is another day right?  Oh yes, Day 2 of Potty Training!


andi said...

I cannot even imagine this happening, surely you kid. Liv wants to know when she can see "Anew" and "Anball" again.