Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Annabelle the Ballerina
Andrew as Pluto
Both sweet babies ready for the party!
Well, our 3rd Halloween was a bust!  No actual trick or treating (Annabelle was a little scared of the costumes), but we did go to two parties (on consecutive weekends).  The kids had a ton of fun showing off their costumes.  I will say having 3 Halloweens in a row where all I did was dress the kids up (year 1 cows, year 2 a goldfish and a shark) and parade them around in front of my family made me rethink our holiday traditions just a bit.  Any ideas for Halloween next year?  Dinner and  movie?  But the kids did look cute in their costumes so here are a few pics! 


Becky said...

Your kiddos are adorable! I got your blog info from your facebook page. I just started a facebook page today...haven't gotten very far! Our blog site is if you want to check it out. I put your blog on my favorites so I can keep checking out those cuties!