Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our camera is broken!

The lens can just won't open- I CANNOT IMAGINE HOW THIS HAPPENED!!!  You read my earlier posts about our budding photographer Andrew right?  So needless to say I do not have pics, but today was a little funny so I thought I would share the story...

I came out from cleaning the bathroom (never would have done this even 6 months ago, but I am able to do more and more the older they get.  Time for another one huh?) and it was a little too quiet.  I walk into the family room to see Andrew sitting on the floor, legs stretched in front of him with NO JOKE at least 38 pumps of Cetafil lotion all over his arms legs an yes, MOUTH.  Not like he was putting it on his face and he accidentally got some on his mouth.  Like he was licking it off his extremities and some got on his face instead of in his mouth.  We used some of the leftover lotion on Mommy, sister and the rest of Andrew's body and then took a towel to the rest.  Today we took really good care of his skin- so soft and shiny!!!
Later in the day, Annabelle had a huge fit for seemingly no reason.  During said fit- she lost all bladder control and peed.  Not super funny for mommy who had to clean it up, but the funny part was overhearing Annabelle "retell" what happened to Aunt Shari that made it funny.   "My shorts made a bad choice and pee peed".  So Annabelle didn't make the bad choice, it was her shorts- just to be clear!