Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Andrew's First Day of School

Andrew and Annabelle on Andrew's first day. As you can see, Annabelle rolled out of bed to wish her brother well!

It's Official! Andrew loves school! He started school a few weeks ago and is having a great time. On his first day, Mimi stayed with Annabelle while I took Andrew to school. Annabelle is not enjoying brother being at school, she laid on his bed and pouted after he left. When I dropped Andrew off, he didn't even notice I was gone. I was, of course, hysterical in the hallway. Fortunately, Andrew is at the same school I teach at and one of my friends came around the corner to witness my sobs and gave me a big hug. As a matter of fact, the only time Andrew cried the whole day was when I went to pick him up! I reminded him that I am his mommy and he should WANT to come home with me!! A big thank you to all his teachers for making this transition smooth. And of course, thanks to Sunshine, the reason Andrew gets out of bed every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

I know the pic looks funny, but it's the best one I have with his "pack-pack"

The reason Andrew even goes to school- the class hamster, Sunshine

We may even get to watch Sunshine over Oct. break- lucky us!
Andrew and his teacher Miss Elissa

This is Andrew actually crying when we came to get him (Annabelle, Mommy, Aunt Frankie and Mimi). I guess it's good he doesn't want to leave, no matter what my ego says right?!


Tara said...

Hi Molly!!! You're kids are precious as ever! I was totally that mom who bawled on Taylor's first day of school. Of course it didn't help that she said "Mommy don't leave me!" As I walked away. LOL.
Think about and pray for you guys often!:)