Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Saturday, October 10, 2009

No pics yet but...

I am going to try to blog a little more as my kids are just so stinkin funny! Of course they would be even funnier in pictures but still! Yesterday my mom took the kids and I to see the Toy Story Double feature- I know we are crazy! The kids had a lot of fun, except for the first 20 minutes. During the previews, there was an advertisement for "A Christmas Carrol" with Jim Carrey. Of course in 3D! Andrew was so freaked out he kept crying saying "too scary!". At the end of the preview it said the movie was rated PG and "some images are unsuitable for children". Who's bright idea was it to play that preview in a theater filled with children??!!!

Okay, back to the kids- Annabelle is watching the cooking channel with all her own cooking tools (she hopes to have her own show someday- she will do anything as long as it's called the "Annabelle Show"). She is giving directions and telling her "audience" how delicious everything will be. Andrew is outside with Tank sharing a glass of instant breakfast. He has poured the instant breakfast on the ground to allow the dog easier access. And who says boys and girls are different??!!


Kym said...

Keep them coming is the only update i get on your cuties!!