Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today would have been my dad's 61st birthday. Hard to believe it is our 2nd one without him. It has been a sad (of course), overwhelming (naturally), busy (purposefully) and sad day. Did I mention sad twice? My mom broke her foot recently and so I got to help with the preparations for the big dinner we held in his honor today. I also got to clean after the party- but it was nice to keep my mind off of what we were actually gathered for. We had a big dinner with our family at mom and dad's (I still call it that even though he has made his home somewhere else for almost 2 years). My mom and I put together picture frames with my dad's name in it, and the meaning of his name: "Jerry- a holy man, having great strength". If you knew my dad, you know how amazing the parallel is from his name to his life. Andrew and Annabelle spent the night with Mimi tonight. And the first time I really truly cried tonight was on the way home. I was weepy all day (thank you to all of my girls calling to check on me), but on the way home, I lost it. I think I feel so sad knowing so much time is passing without our sweet Pappy. Pappy, we miss your sweet smiles and big hugs, your corny sense of humor and your bright twinkling eyes. We miss the way you loved us and never let us forget. We are so thankful for the assurance that we will experience all of those things again some day. We love you Pappy, today and everyday and we miss you fiercely. Happy Birthday Daddy!


Anonymous said...

.....and his love goes on in his wonderful children and your mom!! What a gift he was; he just made life a lot sweeter for so many others.
Love you guys always,
Aunt Robyn and Uncle JB

Shari Candon said...

Nicely said, Molly. I too, miss Jerry terribly. It always helps to see you, Andrew, Annabelle, Justin, Sandy, and Bill. I know he loved you all so much.

I do appreciate the efforts you all make to honor Jerry on his birthday. He was so special.

Aunt Shari