Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Movin on Up"

So we have had so much lazy fun over October break...  LAZY being the important word in that sentence! We have stayed in our jammies several days until it was time to take a bath and put on new jammies!!!  LOVE IT!!!  But we did make short order of one job- reorganizing the playroom.  When I say "reorganizing" I mean "cleaning out and donating/throwing out everything they don't play with".  When we were done, there wasn't much left.  Now before you start feeling sad about my kids not having anything to play with (Mimi), remember this is a whole separate room for toys, besides what is in their bedrooms!!!  So, we consolidated and put the kitchen in Annabelle's room, the tool bench and book case in Andrew's room and left the playroom empty.  Except for a rocker...  MAKE WAY FOR BABY!!!  Here are a few pics of the final product!

Andrew's room with the "Handy Manny Tool Bench", and notice the book shelf in the closet with bins for cars, legos, Toy Story stuff and puzzles

Annabelle's room with the play kitchen- when Santa (Mimi) bought this, she knew it would someday be relocated to Annabelle's room which is why it matches

Annabelle's closet where we "re purposed" a doll house as a shoe rack

And finally the empty playroom  nursery!

Ok...  Not totally empty!  I hope Baby #3 doesn't have a lot of clothes...