Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Disneyland Part 1

In case you didn't know...
We went to Disneyland over Christmas and had an AMAZING time thanks to UB!  He bought us ticket for Christmas...  ALL OF US!!  Mimi, the A Babies, Bill an I and himself!  Thanks UB for the best Christmas present!!!  Here are a few pics of our trip:

Looks a little blurry right?  This was taken as we got off of Space Mountain.  Annabelle was not a fan!

Even face painting is more magical at Disneyland!

See what I mean?!

Our last vacation as a family of four!!

The girls:  From the top
Annie, Mimi, me, Autumn, Annabelle, April and Amy

The matching scarves...  Hopefully Autumn will be living with us soon as she attends GCU:) Bunk beds are waiting Autumn!

Andrew and Annabelle waiting for the Tiana Show.  Notice the rain boots?  These were not a fashion statement.  It was forecasted to rain the entire day!  So we all wore rain boots.  It did not rain the whole day thankfully, but due to the forecast, the rides were empty.  And it did rain later and we were grateful for the rain boots!

The kids with Tiana!  It was so cute!  Annabelle ran right up to her!  Andrew on the other hand, side stepped close to her without making eye contact.  I think he may have a little crush!

Andrew and his favorite cowboy!  Oh, and our cousin April of course!

This was the "Ferris Wheel of Death" as it was coined by my brother.  It's a regular ferris wheel, but the gondolas are  on rails and swing wildly with the motion of the ferris wheel.  Annabelle had to hold UB's hand.