Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Friday, July 1, 2011

Who's keeping score?

Dear Target Shoppers,
Please excuse the screaming.  Yes, I manhandled my 5 year old (looks like 8 year old) into the cart.  Sorry.  I did this because he was yelling at me.  Sorry.  Yeah, you probably heard that part but didn't see it as I was trying to hide in a "time out" corner. Then, when you thought the ruckus was over, he slapped me and I put him back in time out which of course inspired more screaming.  Sorry.  When the screaming calmed down and I asked him to leave with us, more screaming.  Sorry.  I took it upon myself to go ahead and check out with only the items in my cart, to rid you of the screaming faster.  As we tried to exit Target, the screaming only intensified.  Sorry. Said 5 year old (no really, he's only 5) saw we were passing the snack spot and was not going to be getting any popcorn because of his behavior.  Sorry.  No- I'm not sorry.  I have 3 kids under 5 and sometimes regardless of your dirty looks and head shakes, I have to discipline my child(ren) in a public place.  This time (and lots of other times I guess) it was Target.  AND I WAS NOT GOING TO HAND OVER A REWARD TO A MANIAC JUST SO YOU WOULD STOP STARING AT ME!!!  And by the way Target Shoppers, there is a good chance this will happen again. Taking into consideration that I have 3 kids (and we frequent that particular Target).  Sorry. 
In case you were wondering:
Mom- 1


Becky said...

Love it Molly! I think that was me at Target the other day!!

Tony Weber said...

Good job momma on holding your ground. The only people who were giving you dirty looks where people who have not been parents or have not been good parents. It isn't easy, but it's essential (and I know you know that). But if things get worse with that said 5 year old, I know a few great social workers you could talk to (start by talking to yourself in the mirror). :)

Tony Weber said...

Oops, I was signed in as Tony.
Love you!

alyson said...

i can't believe YOU are one of THOSE moms who YELL at their precious gifts from heaven in a PUBLIC place!! I'm so ashamed! hee hee...I have never been looked at or kicked out of a Target because of my chidren's behavior! the shame of it all!!

Ami said...

lol.. You know I wrote nearly the EXACT same blog a while back?? Hilarious. I cheer you on! Moms of 3 under 5 (okay and in my case, 3 two year olds) unite! And what is it about Target?? ;)

Michael Cimino said...

You made me laugh Molly. You should have included what Target so we can get popcorn and now where the show is playing at. Glad none of the rest of us have ever had children act that way. There's probably half a dozen doing the same thing at Target at any given time, so not to worry. PJ