Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Andrew!

We celebrated our oldest baby turning 6 today!  We had such fun!  The kids got Leap Pad's for Andrew's birthday and they are so excited!  We held off on the electronics as long as possible.  They have never played video games or anything so they are AMAZED with these gifts (Thank you Mimi).  We had a half day from school and student-led conferences which I loved being on the "Mommy side" of the table!!!  Here are a few stats about Andrew:
Height: 52 inches
Weight: 55 pounds
Missing Teeth: 5 (lost 2 and 3 knocked out), but the 2 on the bottom are growing in
Favorite Food: Peanut butter
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Outside Activity: Jumping on the trampoline with his friends
Favorite Inside Activity: Playing with Benjamin
Favorite Subject: Writing (on his conference form, "Riting", go figure)
Favorite Toy: Dinos, and now Leap Pad

We CANNOT believe our Bubby is 6, but in an effort to keep his birthday post upbeat, I blogged the weepy, sentimental stuff here.  Happy birthday Andrew Jess Yecheneku, we love you most!


Anonymous said...

This is from your anonymous Great Aunt Janie (lol) Darlin baby boy you are so precious and loved and I can not believe you are 6 o my goodness 6 it just doesn't seem possible that we were at the airport in Phoenix wit so many people waiting for you and your dad and mom and Annabelle with such great anticipation and when you arrived it was soooo awesome there were balloons and banners welcoming you it was so amazing not many children ever have such a wonderful welcome into this world, so this was not easy to forget even for old folks like us....Happy Birthday Precious we love you more than you will ever imagine!! Uncle Don and Aunt Janie!!