Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Soccer Camp- Day 2

I know almost a month later right?!  Well here it is!
6:30 Get up
6:31 I start pumping Andrew up for Soccer camp
7:00 Breakfast and more "up-selling" of soccer camp, this time, Annabelle gets in on the action!!
7:15 Breakfast of champions including eggs and pancakes
7:45 Get dressed for soccer camp, Andrew is getting really excited
8:00 Get in the car for soccer camp and talk the entire way about how awesome soccer camp is going to be
8:25 Arrive at soccer camp, and unload all of us onto the soccer field on a blanket to watch Andrew at his request
8:30 Soccer camp begins, WITH ANDREW IN ATTENDANCE!!!!!!!!!
8:45 Benjamin can no longer hide his enthusiasm for soccer camp, he goes over to the pile of balls and gets one, kicking it and running at the same time.  I should have signed him up for soccer camp.
10:00 Last water break before soccer camp ends at 10:30.  Andrew picks up his water bottle and starts walking to the car.  Wait- soccer camp isn't over yet...  "I'm done Mom, I'm going home with or without you".  Okey dokey...
10:03 All children belted in and on the way home from soccer camp.

Much better than day 1 don't you think?

Stay tuned for day 3 of soccer camp...  I promise it wont be a whole month away.