Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Colors

Okay, when I logged in today, I couldn't remember my password...  Then, I saw the last time I blogged was July 9:).  No wonder I couldn't remember my password!

And now it's fall...  Fall is my favorite season.  Mostly because it contains Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), and the weather goes from, "Really 100's?  Totally over you!!!" to "Welcome 80's, you have been missed!!".  There might also be Black Friday, but that is another blog topic all together!

This year we are having fall somewhere amazing!  My drive to and from school each day consists of tree lined streets and the colors are changing and it is beautiful!!  Each weekend we try to do something fun as a family since we are new around here:).  Last weekend we went to Sundance.  A.MAZ.ING.  No wonder celebs frequent this place!  It is all kinds of beautiful.  The kids loved the weather and they are getting really good in the car.  Time to adopt another baby right?  HA!  That is another blog topic as well.  Sigh...

Back to fall!  If you do not care about God's creation that is fall, do not continue with this post.  There is about to be a ridiculous amount of pictures of fall posted on this blog!!  No, I'm serious, A LOT of pictures.

our drive to Sundance 

Out picnic spot at Sundance

The boys

The girls

Mom- This is the biggest rock I have ever seen!

This is the drive leaving Sundance and driving on the "Alpine Loop"

American Fork Canyon

Next weeks blog and adventures...  The pumpkin patch!  Stay tuned:)
Love, Team Sanborn


sandy said...

Great pic Mol.

Kristen said...

So I'm so glad you remembered your password stinker! I have missed giggling over the computer screen while I read your awesome words! Every picture is beautiful and I'm trying not to envy it all! Looks like you guys are doing fantastic and I'll be looking for more posts my deary (especially the one about another baby hee hee)