Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Annabelle!

Well...  Annabelle's Birthday was actually March 10th, the same as our anniversary.  We left right after her birthday for our spring break trip to AZ which turned into a "much longer" vacation.  But details about that will follow!!
Annabelle has done an amazing job throughout the changes we have had this year.  She tried her hardest to make friends at school, even with some awful circumstances.  She tried her hand at acting this year as well.  She has really blossomed while being homeschooled because she can work at her own pace.  We are so proud of her and wanted to make her "Queen for the Day".  Here is how it went!!

This is the last picture of Annabelle as a 7 year old:).  Notice the Christmas jammies, because we lived in Utah, where it is still snowing in March! 

Annabelle's love notes for her birthday

Annabelle reading the card I wrote for her, because of course I was crying and couldn't!

Birthday card made by Andrew

Birthday card made by Benjamin

Birthday card made by Daddy

Birthday breakfast as per her request...  "Celebration Pancakes", bacon and milk in fancy glasses

Celebration pancakes have buttercream icing and sprinkles

Ready for her day as Queen

Starbucks for a drink and a treat.  Her next stop would have been Mani/Pedi but we had the boys with us!

Her pick for dinner was California Pizza Kitchen

Birthday brownie for our sweet girl.

Annabelle- we could not love you more!  We are so proud of how you have handled all if the change in our lives over the past year.  You have become so strong and brave.  You are learning so much about others and the world around you.  You are so quick to try new things, although still very cautious.  You are blossoming into an amazing young lady.  We cannot even put into words what a blessing you are to us.  We are awestruck when we think of the lengths God has gone to make you our daughter.  We love you and cannot wait to see what this year brings.
Team Sanborn