Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Are They Yours?

     Annabelle hammin it up!
              Andrew dipping his lemon in ranch dressing, what can I say?  He loves ranch dressing!

We went shopping at a little boutique today...  I know 2 two year olds in a boutique- good idea.  Annabelle needed a new silky and the only places to sell "Little Giraffe" are over priced stores where the "help" leaves a little to be desired.  Since I didn't look like I could put the entire store on my Black card the sales woman looked at me like I was a rodent.  After staring at us for a few minutes, she didn't offer to help us, she simply asked me if I was the Nanny.  When I said "no" and giggled a little bit she looked kind of confused and asked if they were mine.  I told her, yes, they were my children and promptly left the store (after spending over $40 on a blanket that measures exactly one square foot).  I ask, who is the crazy one?  I am sure at some point having people ask rude questions won't be such a big deal.  But for now , it is!


Kim said...

sigh, i know. I had a life gaurd come up and take judah from the pool and start to walk away with him, after getting on his brother not to rough house, they were playing but he didn't know I was sitting right there. I haven't been asked that in a long time though. I realiz now when people look at me funny I don't even think twice until much later when I am trying to figure out why they looked at me like that. Like Judahs new bus driver, I remember now he was taken back by his white mamma grabbing her baby and then getting onto him about being late. It makes me laugh.

Skerrib said...

You must start a list of snarky responses, even if you don't use them for real. Here, I'll 'help'--

"No, they just started following me, and I can't seem to shake 'em."

"Last I checked, yes."

"If not I'm spending way too much on comfort objects for them."

OK I'll stop.