Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

  One year ago we took our sweet babies to court and promised in front of a judge to love and take care of them for the rest of our lives.  Funny, it was just a formality, but it was one of our proudest days.  What a Mother's day present huh?  Annabelle also learned to say "Happy Moders Day" (well that's how it sounded), and Andrew was telling me how much he loved me by cuddling much more than usual.  Here's to being a mom, and not remembering my life before these precious miracles stepped into it.


Kim said...

happy moms day molly!!

Angela said...

Congrats! They are adorable! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! YOUR blog is adorable!! And so are your cute kiddos!