Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Friday, August 1, 2008

A little busy??

Annabelle modeling the 2008 swimsuit line
Andrew snuggling with daddy in our last sweatshirt weather in MAY!!!
This pretty much sums up Sundays at our house- for Bill anyway!
Andrew's first big boy shoes.  His feet are so wide, it's either skater shoes or orthopedic shoes!
Annabelle's hot pink satin leopard print Vans- sooo her!!!

Okay, so school has started and my dad spent the last week in ICU- so our lives have been a blur!  Dad is recouperating now, a little tired and weak from being in a coma for almost 3 days.  He had MRSA Virus, a really bad staph infection of the blood.  Scary!  Thank you to everyone lifting our family in prayer.  
I had such an amazing summer with my sweet peas...  And I am again wishing I would have gotten more of our escapades on film!  Hope you enjoyed the pics!