Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Okay, I caved!

I have a dear friend, Andi, who also has an Ethiopian daughter and we have made a pact to not give in to the "princess movement".  Little girls are just that, little girls, not princesses!  No t-shirts, no tiaras (until they get married), no hats or room decorations that speak of our daughters being "the princess".  Now I have to say, I am really glad about this because Annabelle thinks she is the Queen (not just the princess) of Sheba without any encouragement from me.  Now, don't get me wrong...  We love pink and sparkles and anything "be-dazzled", but I didn't want Annabelle to feel entitled to being treated like a princess because everyone calls her a princess.  So here is the story of how I caved.  

I have taken to calling Andrew "Baby Handsome", I know LAME!!  But I do think he is sooo handsome and he just does not fit any of the nicknames that go along with Andrew.  He is not an Andy, a Drew or even an AJ (his first two initials).  I have called him "handsome" for almost a year now, and it fits him! The baby is just to make me feel better about them getting older.  Which by the way, I am not handling too well.   So as for Annabelle, I had to follow suit!  She is not a Belle or an Anna although sometimes we call her "Annabelly".  One day, "Baby Princess" came out and she loved it!  She even refers to herself as the "Tiny Baby Princess".  Now, we won't be registering them for school this way, as baby Handsome and Baby Princess Sanborn, hopefully they won't be too full of themselves from their childhood nicknames!  So goes the story of how I went from boycotting the princess movement to giving in full heartedly!  I am sorry Andi!