Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Monday, July 26, 2010

First Day of School

TODAY WAS THE BIG DAY! We started Pre-K at Riggs Elementary. Andrew and Annabelle are in the same class this year (hooray)- which we have been waiting for! Here are a few shots of us getting ready and going to school. As a "new" SAHM, I am making it my resolve to take more pictures. This time last year for their first year of school I was too much of a train wreck to properly document the event so this year I took a "few" more. I even started crying after taking the pics of the school supplies. I KNOW YOU ARE SHOCKED! After looking at these pics I think I am overcompensating! You be the judge!

School Supplies provided by Mimi- Everything on the teacher's "Wish List" times two! A note to my friends with multiples, start saving now!!!
Andrew's Backpack
Annabelle's Backpack
Of course Mimi couldn't leave the school supply isle without something for my kids to keep in their backpacks in addition to the "community supplies" pictured above!

All packed up and ready to go- all the supplies wouldn't fit in the backpacks, so we had to carry Target bags too! Thanks Mimi!!!
Annabelle in her "staging area"
Clothes furnished by Mimi, Shoes furnished by Grandma and Grandpa

Andrew in his "staging area"
All packed up and ready to go!!

My sweet babies-notice the hand holding!
At this point we are still at home and I have been crying all morning!
Mimi and the kids walking up the sidewalk
Standing in front of their room
Annabelle playing with Katie- one of only 3 other girls in the class, Andrew is playing with the kiddo in the white shirt. His teacher is hugging him so you can't see him
Annabelle peeking at us at pick up time!
Andrew getting ready to leave (that's Miss Karen sitting in between them)
Andrew making a run for it down the hallway after school
We are so tired, we need to rest before we walk to the car!
Their project from today- a poem from "The Kissing Hand"
Of course Annabelle's first job after school was to have a snack
Andrew just wants to vegge after school in front of the TV
So the fist day of school was a ROUSING success!!!!! The teacher said they did great, and no issues between the two of them. She said you would never know they were related! No bossing (Annabelle), and no body slamming (Andrew). So proud of our babies!


kristencunningham said...

So, why am I crying for YOUR kids first day of school?!! You and your family are absolutely ADORABLE! Annabelle is a diva and I like to think she gets that from me - we are related, right?!?!?