Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Friday, July 2, 2010


I have recently marveled at two things:

1. How independent the "babies" are getting
2. How much of a mess they make

Yes, I know... Mess- Welcome to having children Molly! Maybe it's because I am home more, maybe it's because our home has been transformed to the Cleaver home with dinner on the table at 6 every night and mommy doing all the housework while daddy is at work. Maybe it's because I felt I had more of an excuse for the wreckage we call a family room when I was working. I think mostly it's because the kids are getting so independent. They like to play without me (insert sobbing here). Due to this, they get out what they want when they want. No direction really until it gets too crazy. It is such a joy to watch them, and sad at the same time. I want to jump in and play! Usually I do, but I also know there is value in having them play without me. So without direction, the house gets messier. I'm not that concerned about it because they are really good helpers when it is time to clean. Well, Andrew is... And Annabelle is learning to be a good helper (and like it)-it's her goal for July to "have a good, helpful attitude when anyone asks her to help" (Andrew's is to "use kind hands and words and to not freak out when he doesn't get his way"). So even though the mess is catastrophic, it no longer means I will be up for 2 hours after bedtime cleaning it up or using up every last bit of patience "helping" them clean it up.
I feel like we clean up 40 times a day, and we did just finish our chores and the kids wanted to have a dance party. This generally means I have about 10 more minutes of "clean". They put on their own CD (Veggie Tales, "Boys in the Sink" hilarious if you don't already have it! It's Veggie Tales "boy band" style. A rap and love ballad are included), turned up the volume and danced with wild abandon. I was trying to check my e-mail and was a little on edge about our budget with me staying home, and being home bound today as Bill needed the van, and the volume of the music- and then I looked up from my lap top. I saw my two precious babies dancing with their silkies as capes and laughing their heads off. At the end of the "updated" hairbrush song, they collapsed into a heap on the floor laughing hysterically. I thought back to 4 years ago today when we had no noise in our house, good, bad or indifferent. The occasional moan from the dog, or the quiet hum of the laundry machine (once a week mind you because I only needed to do laundry once a week-remember those days). But no noise. No yelling, crying, fighting, shouting, fussing, dancing, laughing, chatting-nothing. Just quiet and solitude. Peaceful, yes. A sweet friend who walked with me through infertility would pray for me each week as we met, "Lord- give Molly a peace knowing the pain and disappointment will be turned into the sounds of little feet filling her house". We had no idea what God had in store then. So much more than just feet! So yes, its messy, crazy and LOUD. But I wouldn't for a second want my life without all the noise.


Karen said...

Molly--I found your blog through a facebook post and just wanted to say hi and congrats on your gotcha day! You were always such a positive person in high school--always smiling and laughing and it's good to see you are still so happy. I read a couple of your posts and it made me go hug and squeeze my kids and remember what a blessing they are. Thank you!

Karen (Stott) Smith