Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dance and Sports Class

 We are entering week 4 of "Having a Ball" and "Tap, Ballet and Tumbling" and they are LOVING it!  Part of it is because we get to go with our sweet friends T and B, which mommy is loving as well because she gets to chat with their mommy while the boys or the girls are in class.  Boys go to sports first (45 mins of activity is AMAZING) while the girls wow the sweet folks at the senior center with their um "tap dancing".  This consists mostly of jumping and spinning while making noise with their tap shoes- but they do look darn cute while doing it!  The girls go to dance next, 15 mins each of tap, ballet and tumbling while the boys distract all of the employees that work at the senior center with their antics.  Also pretty cute, because they are kinda low key after being exhausted in "Having a Ball".  Here are a few pics- you will notice there are more pictures of dance.  I know- I am sorry!  But Sports is so fast moving, all the pics I took turned put to be a blob that may or may not have been Andrew.  And bear with me because all the pictures are taken through glass and some through glass and mini blinds.

Andrew and Annabelle ready for class 3 hours before it started!

Andrew stretching his "hammies"

Andrew stretching his arms...  And that's where the action begins and the "good pics" end.  Sorry folks!

Annabelle and B posing for their "before they were famous" shot

What a good listener!  Or maybe giving someone the "stink eye"

Seriously, is there a cuter tap dancer anywhere?

Cut to...  the boys playing while the girls are dancing

This time, she is actually listening!

Look really closely- SHE IS RIBBON DANCING!  Seriously hilarious!!

Ballet takes a lot of concentration!