Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had a blast trick or treating OF COURSE!!!  Get candy, run around, repeat!  What's not to like??!!  In our family, we take the dog and pony show all over the East Valley before it goes trick or treating!  Our family has been so sweet to meet us at Mimi's for the last few Halloween outings because Bill (aka the Car Seat Nazi) couldn't get the kids safely in their seats in costume.  So this year we went to Mimi's, Aunt Brenda and Uncle Kim's, Gigi's, Aunt Shari's and Aunt Frankie's all before trick or treating!  Annabelle loved it (of course), Andrew-not so much (are we surprised).  Here are the little guys as Tiana (from Princess and the Frog) and Woody (From Toy Story).

Doe this really need a caption?  How cute right?

Seriously cute!

Okay, so it looks like Bill is just standing there with some guy...  But really, the cowboy is our neighbor Randy (who bullied us into dressing up by the way, nice costume Hinners), and Bill dressed as our neighbor Randy.  Confused?  Bill is wearing Randy's "weekend uniform".    That is what happens when someone makes the Sanborn's dress up!  Genius!!  HA!!

Okay, this was not a drunken debacle I promise, it was totally G rated!    This is our neighbor Andy and our friend Jim , both triathletes (Andy is an Ironman).  Andy is sponsored by Michelob Ultra (hence the pic of him drinking) , so in turn all of our neighborhood parties are also sponsored by Michelob!

Andrew and his buddy Elliot (Super Why)

Bill, Ruby, Annabelle, Gillian, Logan, Andrew, Elliot and Riley
One of the reasons I love our neighborhood...  We have chili and treats across the street from our house at the Hinner's house and the grown ups hang out after trick or treating and the kids run around.  Our Neighbor, Randy takes the kids on hay rides every year.  He hitches his Polaris up to his trailer, fills it with hay and blankets and takes the kids for a ride.  The daddies go with of course!

Happy Harvest from Team Sanborn!