Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Baby Sitter

Last night we went out to eat with my college roommate and her husband.  They live in Colorado, so we don't get to see them very often.  The last time we saw them, we dropped the kids at Bill's parents house for a sleepover and stayed out WAAAAAAY to late.  I seem to remember driving home with another couple, the husbands sound asleep in the back seat.  Well, in case we were wondering, we aren't 18 any more!  So this time we opted for a more civilized meeting at one restaurant (instead of bar hopping, which is what got us into trouble last time).  Since it was a week night, we knew we would be calling it early, and all the family we usually have baby sit were busy.

 So we hired a sitter.  The most amazing 8th grade boy in America- he just happens to live across the street (lucky us).  Seriously, he gives me hope for all mankind.  He always waves and says hi, even when he is with his buddies.  He is so polite and responsible.  No, I will not be giving his name out as we would like to hoard him for ourselves.

Ten minutes into our big date night, our sitter (or really, his mom Laura) calls and tells us everything is fine....  I immediately flash to hundreds of different scenarios all of which end in the police at our house and caution tape on our front door.  Good thing Bill answered as he may be a TAD more calm in the "babysitters calling to say everything is fine" department.  Andrew was zealously pressing play on the DVD player (Netflix and Hulu were both out, told you this baby sitter was amazing-entertaining the kids without technology as you will see as the story progresses), he tripped and smashed his front teeth on the Mama Roo (the Mama Roo is fine by the way- Thank the Lord!!!).  His lip and mouth were bloody and he was wailing up a storm.  This is why the baby sitter opted to call his mom, can you blame him?  Andrew calmed down after a Popsicle (no, we did not rush home, Mother of the Year acceptance speech in another post).  And the baby sitter played board games with them until they went to bed.

So that was our first baby sitter...  Thank you Clayton Hinners (and Laura too)- you are the best!  Please don't let this craziness keep you from accepting jobs from us again...

And stay tuned for pictures of Andrew's newly loose tooth...  EWWWWW!