Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pre-School Wisdom

Keep in mind they are both in the same class...

Me-What did you guys learn today at school?
Andrew- Miss Elissa says we should never smart everyone.
Me- Um, what is smart?
Andrew- You know, when you take your hand and smart someone who is bothering you.
Me- No, honey, I don't know, show me (what was I thinking?)
Andrew proceeds to take Annabelle's arm and give it a nice loud open hand slap.
So are we clear?  Smart=Slap

Me- What about you Annabelley?
Annabelle- I learned about different kinds of animals.  Mammals are animals that have live babies, you know, we are mammals.  Then there are animals who have babies who hatch out of eggs and they are called security systems.
To re-cap: mammals have live babies, security systems have babies who hatch out of eggs.