Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let's go to Stripe Land!

Okay, weird title, I know:)  When we moved to Utah, I was worried about the kids making friends.  The kids in our neighborhood just finished with school on July 2 and we have been here since June 1.  How would the kids meet new friends?  Would they be lonely?  Well God answered that prayer when we had been in UT for about 2 hours.  Some neighbors came over and the kids were fast friends!  Of course, I still worried. 

My kids have always been close. Andrew and Annabelle do not have a memory that does not include each other.  Benjamin has been their treasure since we brought him home.  Okay, honestly, Andrew didn't want to go within ten feet of him until he had been home a week.  But since then, they have been best buddies.  They get time by themselves, or with their friends, but I also ask them to play together.  I want them to be close. 

Since the move they have chosen to play together more than ever before.  Maybe it is the lack of quantity of friends around that were never in short supply before.  Whatever the reason, I loved what I saw this morning.  I was changing the sheets in the guest room, and had the comforters on the floor.  All three of them dove under the covers and dubbed it "Stripe Land".  The back side of the comforter, which was covering them has stripes...  I know, super creative right?  They played in Stripe Land for about a half an hour and then ate some breakfast and then BACK TO STRIPE LAND!  I don't really know what they were doing under there, just a lot of giggling and "oh that's nice" was heard outside of Stripe Land. 

An hour later, the beds are still not made, but my kiddos are making memories together as siblings, just the three of them. 

A lot more valuable than neat sheets.


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