Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mama, Mommy and Mom

I have had a massive migraine all day- I took too many Excedrine Migraine pills and I was crazy "busy" today. By "busy", I mean I was tired and sick to my stomach sensitive to light and sound, but I couldn't rest because my heart rate was so high from the caffeine in the pills. Usually I would be THANKFUL for said caffeine, but today it was overload. So the migraine never went away and I had this buzzing feeling all day. So I did jobs I could do in as much quiet and darkness as possible. I rearranged the tupperware cabinet (disaster before, we'll see how it looks in 2 days), organized the kids medication cabinet (moved the enema's out hoping to never use them, see "poop jail" and "paroled from poop jail" and finished Annabelle's scrapbook (Andrews will be done next week). Don't be too proud of me, it's only to 15 months. At this rate I will be done with year four when they are 6-Boo!! And it's not FANTASTIC!!! It has fancy paper and adoption announcements and birthday invites and stuff, but nothing too out of this world. Looking through all of their baby pics it reminded me of how far they have come. God is good- All the time!

Before I pass out from all the "drugs" I have done today, let me get to my point... I have a friend who blogged about this (, she's on my blog call. She is much more eloquent than I will be tonight- I promise you that! She blogged about the transition kids and women go through from mama to mommy to mom. Of course I bawled my eyes out- as I always do when I even think about my kids getting older! Annabelle calls me "mom" often, but also calls me "mama" and "mommy" so I'm okay with it. Mostly depends on her mood (not sassy-mama, sort of sassy-mommy, extra sassy- mom). Today, it was my baby boy (insert boo-hoo here). He always says my name twice, "Mommy can I have those fruit snacks please mommy?". Today he called me Mom. He called me Mom 23 times. You know I counted!! Never mommy, mama or anything else, just straight up mom- all day long. I even tried to give him a hint, "Mommy loves you, Mommy will help you, do you want MOMMY to do it?" But alas, MOM it was. I should probably just accept it and move on, but I'm not quite ready to stop being mommy. Here is to tomorrow when (hopefully) Mommy will make a comeback.