Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday was the last day!

Okay, so this post is a day (scratch that, it's now past midnight- 2 days) late. Friday we had our last day at "Basha Bear Cubs". That's the day care center the kids have been going to for the last 5 months. I was dreading taking them for the 3 months we knew we would have to take them after our beloved Miss Alyssa resigned. The time has flown by, but you have no idea (unless you have done it) how much of a refief it was to walk out of that hallway with my babies for the last time.
They made it through the first experience "I never wanted them to have" (other expereinces include but are not limited to broken bones, broken hearts, and all of jr. high). I grieved over sending them, trust me, if I wasn't a contracted employee it never would have happened. I would have quit as soon as Miss Alyssa did, but I wanted to finish well at my job. The decision to stay home was made into a no brainer when I saw the change in my kids as they attended day care for the first (and last) time. The cost involved was also a rude awakening for sure!!
I have 2 kinds of kiddos in my life and one is the "survive anything and let it roll off her back" kind. Day care didn't phase her! Even when another 3 year old called her a b*#$@ on the play ground. Even when another kiddo said "your hair is too ugly, you can't play with me". And the last straw (just this week), "EVERYONE has to have a boyfriend mom, Amelia said". Cut to me with a paper bag breathing heavily into said paper bag!
Then I have the other kind of kiddo. The kind who is "institutionally sensitive" (it's a real thing- look it up). The kid who picks up every bad habit in the room. The kid who cries every Sunday because "I no wanna go Basha Gear Gubs". The kid who gets sent to time out because someone called him a baby for crying when he missed me (okay, the time out was for practically choking out the girl that called him a baby). The kid who said "mommy, I stay you all day all time now? No more Basha Gear Gubs? Yeah Mommy!!" I know right- rip your heart out!!!
So you can see why (even though it was a necessity) we are so glad to be done! Our teachers there did a great job (hense none of the "counseling worthy" moments came as a result of their actions). They tuly loved our kids and were kind. They just aren't me. And that is why we are so glad FRIDAY WAS OUR LAST DAY!!!


Kristen said...

Ah, congratulations! What an amazing feeling that must have been! I am so thrilled for you that you get to stay home with them...the very greatest job in the universe (well, you already know that!). We so should get together!