Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Poop Jail

Seriously, look it up!!! Andrew has been having a hard time um pooping lately! He was super constipated, a round of laxitives, ensuing diarrehea (sp) and back to constipated. Okay, now we are "regular". I know you're relieved! Now our problem is not using the toilet. I know- if you think this is too much information please skip this blog and come back in a few days.

The rest of you want to know about "poop jail".
For the last month, Andrew has been pooping in his pants. Every day between the hours of 4pm and 6pm he comes to me and says, "Mommy, I pooped in my pants". We have tried pull-ups, no underwear, no pants, m&m's, fruit snacks, movies, trips to the Disney Store. We have even promised an immediate trip to Disneyland. NOTHING IS WORKING!!! Nothing is bodily wrong with him... So we are trying a new approach. It's called "poop jail". It was reccommended by our pediatrician- so we feel it isn't child abuse if he suggested it!!! When I researched it, a few articles pointed out the same thing. If a child over the age of 4, and nothing is physically, neurologically, emotionally or developmentally wrong with him there is only one reason they are pooping in their pants. POWER STRUGGLE! If the child is able to urinate on his own (which he has been doing for a year and a half), he can poop on the potty but is choosing not to-hense the POWER STRUGGLE! Well, a different mommy may say, "oh, he'll be fine eventually"- not this mommy! Buckle your seatbelt Andrew!!! If it's a power stuggle- MOMMY WILL WIN!!! Maybe this is so important because I have encountered a 3rd grader who is not totally potty trained and I am convinced THAT WILL NOT BE MY CHILD!!!! So here goes. Right now, Andrew has been in his room (aka. poop jail) for almost 2 hours. He has had his dinner, in poop jail of course. He is not allowed out of his room until he poops on the potty. He has also pooped in his underwear twice. While the potty is in his room, not even 3 feet from where he has decided to poop in his pants. This is not pretty! I am not looking forward to the next few days of "poop jail", but hopefully it will be the means to an end. I will let you know how it goes Hopefully my Mother's Day present will be a big fat turd in the toilet!!