Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Monday, May 10, 2010

Parolled from Poop Jail

Today was the day!! Andrew busted out of Poop Jail!!! For the last 5 days he has been grounded to his room awaiting the arrival of well, the poop. Check my previous post if you have any questions. He pooped in his pants 2 times in 2 days in poop jail (more than 3 hours each time), so we took all his clothes off. I have to say he was quite a sight the last 2 nights, naked reading a book in bed, naked eating popcorn on the floor, naked playing with cars. The occasional naked time out for throwing something at his sister (who may have been taunting him, oh who am I kidding? who WAS taunting him). He fell asleep naked twice, for the whole night. We were determined to "win the power struggle" (BTW- I can't tell which of my kids is "the strong willed one"). So today, he went to poop jail after school, had a snack, played (only 1 hour) and eventually got tired of being in his room and pooped on the little potty. He ran out of his room yelling, "Mommy, I poop on potty", "Come see Mommy". Well I am embarrassed to say, that little brown grossness was the best thing I ever saw!!!! We jumped up and down, we yelled, we hugged!!!! We got to pick fruit snacks and a new pair of underwear! I realize this is only one time in what might be a long drawn out battle- BUT I'M TAKING THE VICTORY!!! Now the poop jail philosophy says he has to go back to poop jail tomorrow. Hopefully the result will be a consistent pooping everyday and soon without poop jail. For now, we are just happy for one evening with one poop.

PS- Today is the anniversary of our "Adoption Day". 3 years ago today we went to the court house in Mesa and declared our desire to be a forever family. It was a tear filled, amazing day. But the post commemorating this momentus occasion got moved down on the priority list by poop. Who would have thought?