Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Friday, April 30, 2010

30 blogs in 30 days

Can I get a "hoot hoot"? So today is my last blog for April. This expereince has taught me to really enjoy my kiddos. Something (at least one thing) happens each day that is worth writing about. So pay attention Molly! Thank you so much for reading the blog- it is so encouraging to read your comments. KEEP EM COMING!!! I won't be blogging everyday, but I will try to blog a lot more often than I did- PROMISE!! It just wouldn't seem right if I didn't end these 30 days with a funny story about my little ones. We were watching 101 dalmations (the cartoon one), and the daddy and mommy tell the puppies to go to bed.
Me: "Wow- look at those puppies listening the first time" (looking for a teachable moment even on TV)
Annabelle: "Yes"
Andrew: "That's good choice mommy. Puppies listen first time"
Annabelle: "Well, that's fine for puppies mommy, but not for kids. And besides, that's not even real"
Sigh- here's to more teachable moments!


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Kristen said...

Okay, so I expect to see some entries before April 1011! I NEED your make me laugh a lot, which is something I need. So keep it up girlie! Thanks for your message helps to know you are praying. Life is sure difficult a lot huh? You know that. Are you guys still at Central? Never see you, but then again, we always sit in the back row with McKenzie, so we only see heads!

Sara Weber said...

Thanks for posting each day. I loved reading about your sweet family.

brenda said...

I look forward to reading your blogs definitely have a gift for putting your special moments in to words :-) I love you!