Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew

Okay, so Andrew's birthday was actually one month and one day ago. But those of you who know me know what a hassle it was to blog about birthdays. I have a NEED for everything to be equal, and I wanted each baby to have their own special entry. But I was so terrible at keeping up with the blog, I was afraid, Andrew (b-day first) would have just 2 days for his birthday and I would post Annabelle's and then forget to post a few days after and her b-day would be up for weeks, while Andrew's would have only been up a few days. Then it would look like Annabelle was my favorite... You can see the problems this creates. Well now that I am blogging up a storm, I can blog for each of their special days without worry of favoritism! Yeah!-so here is Andrew's 4th birthday:
Celebrating all the March birthdays on Bill's side: Andrew and Great Grandma Elsie on the 8th, Grandma on the 9th (Grandma couldn't make it to the party), and Annabelle on the 10th. Annabelle shares her b-day with our anniversary (which Bill forgot this year, but that's another post)! We are busy in March!!!

Andrew and Annabelle on Andrew's actual birthday

Opening presents from mommy and daddy- helmets, for what you may ask.... follow the story line please!! Andrew ran away from his present from Uncle Justin- he needed a little time to adjust!
"I love me some "shake shake" (parm cheese)!!" That is a ring of parmesean cheese on his face from trying to stick his whole mouth in the container.
Oh- here is the present from UB- a scooter!!!! WOW!!!
"Now let me just get the wheels going the right way, not that's not right, grrr!! This better be awesome once I figure it out!"

AND IT IS!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Boy! We love you so much and are so proud off all you have accomplished this year. It seems like you are learning more and more everyday. We love your laugh and your precious hugs. We will never get tired of hearing you say "I yuv you so much!" You are truly an amazing blessing and we cannot wait to see what the next year has in store.