Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mother of the Year Monday...

Well folks, it's time again for me to showcase why I will not be getting the "Mother of the Year" award. I hope to make this a weekly section of this blog, as there are no shortage of these "moments" at our house. As in many neighborhoods, we have the the ice cream truck on our street. Although this is actually the Kona Ice guy with his tricked out truck playing Reggae music with a disco ball seeming to lure children in at the dinner time hour. This is one argument I don't want to have with my kids. They are not getting a snow cone every night at 5:30! I would like to say it's on the principal that it's not great for them, but it's really because I never have any cash. So my kids hear the truck coming from 3 blocks away and they say... "Mommy- listen, it's the music truck!"

How long before they figure out the guy actually sells ice cream out of his "music truck"?


Nichole said...

I love it Molly!! For the longest time I had Savannah (who is now 5) convinced that the balloons & candy @ the registers in stores were just for decoration ;)

Our Scoop said...

Funny! Glad to find your blog - through Krista from Kristen's blog. I love to see your family pictures. Your children are so super adorable! They are getting so big!

Karen Deal