Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Annabelle!

This is really two posts in one because it's a few pics from Annabelle's b-day and a lot of pics from the Luau party we has for both kids. We had such fun playing Limbo, a fishing game, treasure hunt and of course the smoothies, fruit kabobs, hot dogs, and cupcakes were a big hit!
You will see the cupcakes in a pic- beach scenes with two teddy grahams on each one (one in a bikini, one in board shorts of course). This was the first year the kids really had a ball at their own party! So to all you mommies out their who feel like parties are in vein... keep up the hard work and it will pay off someday! Happy Birthdays sweet babies!

All the March birthdays
Annabelle opening her Princess helmet from mommy and daddy
This is the only pic of Annabelle and her scooter (oh you can't see the scooter), she got all ready, took one "scoot" and said , "gosh, my scooter needs a rest"

Bethany enjoying her cupcake... This pic is mostly up because it's BJ (Olivia's daddy cleaning up)- what great friends we have!!
Now the cute pic of B!
Andrew (nice Hawaiian shirt huh?), Logan, Trevor and Bethany
Andrew and Logan
Our new friend from school- Alaina- who stopped by with her parents on the way to Sea World!
Annabelle opening presents
Andrew- "um, that's blue, it's probably mine, excuse me, um, just a bit further..."
YES-WALL-E UNDERWEAR!! How sweet they still get excited about that!!
Liv helping Annabelle open presents
What's a luau without LIMBO??!!
Logan says- this is EASY!
Carter and Winston's daddy showin the kids how it done!
Annabelle says, um this looks fun, but get that pole out of the way, my hair may get caught!
Cupcakes made by mommy! Yes, the teddy grahams are lying on the beach wearing bathing suits!
The Hill family. My college friend Emily and her sweet husband Ryan and their 2 boys Carter and Winston. Baby Truman made his appearance a week later. Em has been pregnant at 2 of the kids 4 birthdays!
Fishing Game

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl! We are so proud to be your parents! You have learned so much this year and we are starting to see more and more of your sassy spirit! We love the way you have "negotiated" your bedtime routine and how your eyes sparkle when you smile. You are really learning how to be helpful. We are so excited to see what God has in store for you in the next year!