Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

National Daughter's Week

Actually, I missed National Daughter's week (it was a few weeks before son's week, but I didn't even know there was a son's week until it was almost over). So here is my post about my daughter. I would like to reiterate my statement from Andrew's post for son's week- boys and girls are VERY different and I have been blessed with one of each. As boys and girls are different, so are their relationships with their mommies (and daddies too). I cannot express the way my sweet baby girl melts my heart. Her beautiful brown eyes and those pouty lips-she is my Ethiopian Princess. Her delicate long fingers are so gentle. She always wants to take care of everyone around her. She rubs my head when I have a headache, and she knows when I've had a long day and wants to rub my feet (lotion included of course). She loves to watch others when they try something new- she is such an amazing cheerleader. She is so careful when trying anything new herself. She is not very fond of dirt, and even less fond of all things from the insect world. She loves anything pink, pink and sparkly is even better! She loves cooking and wants to have her own cooking show some day (I think any show with her name in the title will do). She always needs some more nail polish on her toes, she hates chips!!! She has a lot of sas- just enough to make me sure someday (A VERY LONG TIME FROM NOW) she will be able to handle herself just fine! Every morning when she gets up, she likes to know an itinerary for the day. I just don't know where she gets that from!!! Okay, enough with the bragging... I have an amazing relationship with my mom so I knew having a daughter would be great! We love going shopping and to lunch together. But it's more than just having a baby girl to do girly things with. When we first met this tiny 8 pound baby in Ethiopia, her sweet gaze took my breath away. She looked at me as if she had been waiting her whole 4 month life, just for me to hold her. I was prepared for crying when she met us, or listlessness from not eating enough, or just plain feeling icky because she was sick. I was not prepared for her to fall asleep in my arms within 5 minutes of meeting her, with me promptly wrapped around her teeny tiny finger. I was not prepared for those beautiful eyes to say, "there you are mommy, I've been waiting for you".


Becky said...

OMG...she is just a doll! So pretty!