Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Never Leave a Child Unattended

Well, sometimes this goes without saying. Just as I start to let my guard down- WHAM-O!! As the mother of Andrew Jess Yecheneku Sanborn, I am VERY aware of the reality of the name of the post. Lately the kids have been playing really well together for really long periods of time. Today I took Andrew home to change our clothes (we went to breakfast at our Mimi's house in our jammies-pics to come tomorrow). Annabelle stayed with my mom, so it was just my baby boy and I! I changed Andrew and started to change my clothes when I heard the service door from the house to the garage shut. I was not alarmed by that since Andrew often gets himself into his car seat when he is in a hurry to go somewhere (BTW, we were going to Target). I am, however, ALWAYS hesitant to leave Andrew aka "Handy Andy" in the garage too long for fear he would recognize the tools in Bill's arsenal as Pat, Rusty, Dusty, Squeeze, Flicker, and so on. For those of you reading this blog that are unaware- those are some of "Handy Manny's" tools (a hammer, a wrench, pliers and flashlight respectively). While Andrew loves his play tools, he has not realized the difference between the toys and the real things yet. For example, the weight of the tools, the way they can cause damage or serious bodily injury to others. I digress... So as I hurriedly throw my clothes on and race to the garage to prevent my 4 year old from inflicting injury on himself, I discover the tools are not what I should be worried about. The car is. As I swing open the door, I see Andrew standing on the top of the van. Yes, you read that right. He was standing on top of the van. I tried not to panic for fear or startling him and causing him to fall to his death (or at least or first ER visit), I calmly said, "Andrew, that is very dangerous, please get down". WHAT WAS I THINKING!!??? He sat down on the roof of the van, grabbed the edge where the sliding door was open and swung himself inside the van. He then got in his car seat, we drove to Target and never spoke of the incident again. And what did we learn from this little incident... "Never Leave a Child Unattended"!


Margo said...

I see something I have to look forward to! :)