Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Trying" or Trying

Lately I have been seeing "happy couples" all around me. You know the insanely happy couples that feel like everyday is thier honeymoon. On facebook in the past few days, I saw one of my friends celebrating her anniversary. Her husband got her one dozen roses for each year they had been married (6 dozen to be exact). Another firend who was just overwhelmed being a mommy to 4 kids, her husband gave her a trip to the spa with her sister. Someone else I know felt the need to declare how fantastic her husband was on her status-something about being married to the most handsome, creative, brilliant man in all of creation. I was feeling really insecure about my husband... No roses (forgot our anniversay this year), I literally scream at him, "I AM LOSING IT!!!!" before he notices I am stressed, and I don't think I have ever gushed about him on facebook (sorry Bill). I made excuses in the past, maybe if we had more cash he would be able to do nice things for me. Maybe when we have kids, he will appreciate the kind of mom I am and show my appreciation for that. I am starting to realize that he just isn't that kind of guy. Truly. This is a tribute to William Sanborn-and the time he "tried".
Friday I came home with a really bad headache and a sore throat and cough. Consequently, I did not clean the house (I like to do this on Fridays so we have a clean house all weekend). Here is where the "trying" starts. He made a few comments about how much of a mess the house was. I think this was his way of telling me I usually do a good job (thanks Bill). I took some Nyquil at 8:30 so I could get a good night sleep since I was headed to Beth Moore on Sat. morning. I made a point to tell him I had to get up at 6 to get the kids ready and myself ready before I left. He let me sleep till 6:30-more "trying". But now we are 30 mins behind schedule! I got to Beth Moore on time, and had an amazing time! I got home (remember, still sick) and Bill took the kids across the street with him to hang out with some neighbors ("trying" again). But 15 mins later I looked out the window and no Bill in sight! He ran into another neighbor's house to help her with a computer problem. And left our kids in the driveway. So I went outside to watch the kids for an hour or so with a temp of 101. I brought the kids in, bathed them and put them in bed by myself. I took more Nyquil at 9- no Bill. This morning, Bill did take the kids to breakfast (actually trying this time). Then he invited the neighbors in when I was sitting in my pj's sick on the couch (remember the mess the house was in on Fri. night? Exponentially worse on Sun). He spent the whole day taking apart the kids car seats (agian, "trying" a little?) and not getting anything done that needed to be done around our house, so we can smoothly function this week. At the end of my rope, I went grocery shopping alone. Feverish, tired, hacking and steaming at my husband. I returned home to find the kitchen clean, both kids bathed, Andrew sleeping, Annabelle getting her nightly breathing treatment and 2 loads of laundry done. I love you Bill. You may not be the roses and champage, spa getaway, surprise me with diamonds kind of husband but thank you for trying.


Becky said...

Wow Molly....I am sooo with you on this one!