Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hot Babes

I have always had difficulties with the heat! I guess it's pretty unfortunate I live in AZ then huh?! Well, growing up our house was always set at around 70 degrees. NO JOKE!!! Even in the summer. My mom and dad almost went broke with the electric bills in the summer- can you imagine?! Well, I have been married to Bill for 9 years and the biggest argument we have is about the temperature of the house. I say, "turn it down, I have thyroid issues- I can't regulate properly". Bill says, "we aren't made of money- get your own personal fan" and then I say, "you don't care about how I feel"- and the argument ensues. Well, my baby girl is hot blooded too! She only sweats from her nose- if you've never seen it, it's hilarious! Little beads of sweat on the bridge of her nose. When she is really hot they appear again as soon as you wipe them off. When we brought them home from Ethiopia we had a layover in DC. When we got back onto the plane, we were stuck on the runway with no air. July in DC-enough said. Annabelle with her scabies and exczma, heat was not good. She screamed bloody murder for the 6 hours we waited on the runway (okay, it was only like 15 mins but it seemed like 6 hours). As soon as we started moving I put her tiny 8 pound body up to the air vents and she was in heaven! That brings me to the current story... Annabelle has been getting in bed with us at night. She has to be touching every part of me with her tiny little heat radiating body. YIKES! I usually move into her room so I can sleep without sweating! So last night we were snuggling on the couch and she kept fidgeting. I told her, "this is not play time, you can either lay with me on the couch or go to bed". To which she responded, "I love to snuggle with you mom, but you are always so hot". So she may be adopted, but she is definitely mine!


Kristen said...

So, I'm starting to get panicky because April is almost over and I'm afraid you'll stop posting so regularly! Perhaps May is post every other day???? Don't stop, you crack me up!

Becky said...

You crack me up Molly! Totally sounds like our house too!

Margo said...

My guys are hot bodies too! With both of them on my lap reading we're just one big sweat machine, lol!