Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"I don't deserve this"

Today we took Andrew to get some blood work done. He has been sleeping a lot and not eating very much, so I took him to the dr and they want to run a bunch of tests, just to be sure he's okay. If you have children, you can understand why I was not too thrilled about doing this!!! Annabelle has been positively fixated on the "blood work". Asking questions, telling everyone we meet... Andrew on the other hand just kind of shrugged his shoulders, "ok mommy, I be okay". So we take him and sit in the waiting room for 30 seconds, seriously, I WAS NOT READY because they called him back so quickly! He came over and gave me a big hug "bye mommy see you soon" and Annabelle a big hug, "don't worry Annabelle, I be okay". At this point I wanted to burst into tears (I know SHOCK). Bill went with him, I could hear him say, "OW, OW, OW" with increasing volume. Then they came out. One alligator tear still in his eye, sticker on shirt, cotton ball wrapped around his elbow and sucker in hand. "I so brave mommy"-he said. Then I really did cry because he was brave, and a little because I was shocked! My man child/diva?! No drama? Not one tear (remember, the big one stayed in his eye). Wow. Bill and I went on and on about how proud we were of him... Annabelle of course interjected with, "boy, I sure was waiting patiently in there!". Of course lots of kuddos for her too- Andrew was probably like "WHAT!!!!!" So the kids got to have McDonalds for lunch. I said Andrew got to pick because he deserved it. Halfway through the meal Annabelle says, "mom- take my fries", I say "why?", Annabelle "I don't deserve them". I tried to not laugh because her face was so sad, she must be serious! Not 2 seconds later Annabelle says, "Hey mom-what's deserve?"

PS- She never did eat her fries even though we concluded she did deserve them, basically just for breathing (you should have heard the discussion about what makes you deserve something big like a mani/pedi versus deserving something you "need" like food). Andrew ate her fries, and boy did he deserve them!!!