Team Sanborn

Team Sanborn

Thursday, April 15, 2010

National Sons Week

I got a message about this from a friend who has two little boys! I had no idea and if anyone knows when National Daughters Week is, please let me know... You know how I need to make everything even!! This is great timing because I was just discussing this with a friend of mine. She is expecting her frist baby in a month and a half. She has sisters and this little guy will be the first "man-child" in her family. When I asked if she was excited about having a baby boy, she was a little unenthusiastic. She is excited to be a mommy at all, boy or girl and a healthy baby and pregnancy so far has been has to her, been a huge blessing. She has no idea what is about to happen to her. Now, I have been given both sides of the spectrum (stay tuned for Daughters Week). So I know from which I speak (and so do those of you who have at least one of each). As boys and girls are different, so are thier relationships with their mommies (and daddies for that matter). I cannot put into words the way my sweet baby boy melts my heart. His big brown eyes and those long eyelashes-forget about it. When he snuggles with me on the couch, I always close my eyes and squeeze a little tighter. The way he is so adventurous (see the post about climbing on the top of the car), and careful at the same time. He loves to be dirty like nobody's business, and loves bathtime even more. The way he says "Yay!" when he finds out he is home with me the next day instead of going to school. At night, when I say prayers with and for him, he always says amen and "Mommy, scratch my back please mommy"-yes 2 mommies! Whenever I tell him I love him he says "I love you to so much mommy". When I pick him up from day care he always tells me he has missed me. He takes care of Annabelle, he loves to rub my feet- with lotion!!! Well that kind of turns into a mess but boy are my feet soft! He likes to help me cook, he wears a bbq apron. Okay, this post could be ridiculous at some point, so ends the list of why Andrew is the best son. I thought the reason I love him like I do was because when we met him in Ethiopia, the nanny handed him to me first. His sweet wide eyes took my breath away. I thought it was because I was finally holding a baby, or because we had waited so long to bring them home, or the sheer excitement of it all... But now I know I was so emotionally overwhelmed and "bawling my eyes out happy'' because he was my son.


Margo said...

Cute blog Molly!

Anonymous said...

National Daughter's Week is observed every year for the entire week after July 4th.